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  • Un-react example playground

    I was reading through the facebook react native tutorial and wondered how much more code it would take to create the example with UIKit. Obviously this code would only work on iOS, not other platforms supported by React Native. Its also a bit longer than the example Javascript code, but doesn't rely on the React Native framework, so in that respect it's much shorter.

  • Catchlines 2.0.2

    Fixed an issue in preparation for iOS10 release.

  • Catchlines 2.0.1

    We're now highlighting the More button when a valid word has been played so it's more obvious what to do next.

  • Catchlines 2.0

    Re-designed from the ground up with Apple's latest technologies:

  • Swift club

    Since Brent Simmons discussed the Omni Swift Bikeshed Club we've been running something similar at work. Every few weeks we've set an optional task that our iOS developers work on for around a week in their spare time at work, then we all get together at a coffee shop and discuss our implementations, what were the biggest challenges, and sometimes compare performance based on one or more metrics.