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  • Removing post/pre increment in my Swift project

    With the recent deprecation and future removal of the post and pre increment and decrement operators in Swift, I recently updated the code in Catchlines, my Swift project, ready for these changes. Most of the work was very simple and involved swapping n++ with n += 1 or similar. I only had one case where I was actually relying on the post increment behaviour.

  • Swift responder chain

    Brent Simmons has been discussing implementing a responder chain in Swift, Joe Groff responded with a suggestion to use as? and a protocol to implement this behaviour, so I thought I'd have a quick stab at it on the train to work.

  • Working with HTML on iOS, an introduction

    If you want to display HTML content from within a native iOS App, UIKit provides you with a class for just that purpose, UIWebView. In this post we will look at setting up and loading a web view, getting messages when interesting things happen, and then communicating between the App and the HTML content using JavaScript.